Cynthia Angier - Classified Employee of the Year

Cynthia Angier, Jean Callison Elementary School's Classified Employee of the Year
Posted on 02/07/2024
Cynthia Angier, Callison Elementary School paraeducatorWe proudly announce that Cynthia Angier is our 2023-2024 Classified Employee of the Year at Jean Callison Elementary School.

Over the past 10 years, Cynthia has been a dedicated paraprofessional in our Special Day Classrooms, consistently demonstrating compassion, hard work, and exceptional skill sets in supporting students with special needs.

Cynthia's greatest strength is her ability to build meaningful relationships with her students. Her calm, warm, and compassionate demeanor creates a safe and nurturing learning environment for our students. Her extensive training and experience in this field enable her to effectively guide students with emotional challenges in the classroom.

She has undergone comprehensive training in de-escalation strategies, which is imperative for working in a Special Day Class. Cynthia possesses an in-depth understanding of each student's unique needs. She consistently ensures their safety by successfully de-escalating situations as they arise.

Her organizational skills, professionalism, time management abilities, and attention to detail shine through in her data collection practices. She consistently goes above and beyond to gather and analyze data to support her students' progress. Her dedication and exceptional efforts in this regard far exceed expectations.

Cynthia excels in communication, problem-solving, and training. She is an excellent communicator who effectively collaborates with colleagues, families, and school staff. Her ability to address challenges efficiently and find creative solutions is highly commendable. Her willingness to share her expertise and knowledge through training initiatives has greatly benefited our school community.

In conclusion, Cynthia is a highly skilled and compassionate paraprofessional who greatly contributes to the success of our Callison faculty. Her exceptional communication skills, problem-solving acumen, and unwavering dedication to our students make her an invaluable asset in so many ways.

-- Kacey Ramos, Principal, Jean Callison Elementary School
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